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Retrieving a row from an Excel table using Power Automate

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The Power Automate action Get a row retrieves a single row from an Excel table.

Here I am using a valid key value (P2) which exists in my excel sheet.

Flow found a single row. Below is the output.

When I use a key that is a string, Power Automate returns an error.

If I try using an invalid key value (P23333).

This results in a 404 error.

Duplicate rows

Below I have an excel sheet that contains three rows with Id 101!

When I try to retrieve them:

Power Automate returns the first matched row. Below is the output:


Action step Get a row retrieves a single row from an Excel table.

For duplicated row keys, it returns a single first matched row.

There is no need to use single quotes for string values.

If there is no match Power Automate will fail and return a 404 error.

If you want to handle the exception, then you could Configure run after setting ‘has failed’ in your next step.

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